Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Drunken Tiger - Feel gHood Muzik

hey guys, sorry for the extremely long hiatus! haha anyways, on my previous posts, i posted Drunken Tiger's 4th album, Foundation. It's 2010 now, and Drunken Tiger released his 8th album, Feel gHood Muzik. For the korean hip hop fanatics, i know i'm hella late but i just finished listening to the entire album. even though this has got to be drunken tiger's most "mainstream" sounding album, i still got to give him props. he stays true to his roots by collabing with underground hip hop artists. not to mention he also collaborated with the Rakim and Rakka of Dilated People on this album. hip hop is universal! make sure to check this album out!

DL http://www.megaupload.com/?d=ZY5QIYPP

*like i said, DJ Shine is nonexistent.

DJ Mitsu the Beats - New Awakening

DJ Mitsu the Beats is hands down my favorite japanese dj of all time. his style to me is very reminiscent of some well-renowned american producers but with a hint of japanese flavor. anyways, this is his first solo album, New Awakening. if you like his work make sure to check out the hip hop group he's associated with, Gagle. they definitely have the right idea of what hip hop is about. the rapper, Hunger, being featured on the track above is part of Gagle as well.

DL http://www.mediafire.com/?gh4tt24mzyf

Garion [2003]

the title of the track is actually "Jajang." Sadly, this is Garion's first and only album and is also regarded by koreans to be one of the best hip hop albums ever produced. many underground artists commend garion as being the "fathers of underground korean hip hop" and i don't blame them. some still await garion's 2nd album to this day.

Sorry, no downloads :/ too hard of an album to find although you can easily get the instrumentals on google.